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Japan's largest blog site for moms
Sharing information that allows young working moms,who use Instagram as an information source, to enjoy their childcare, work, and housework even more freely.

Due date is on 17th of June

​3 features

Production team centered on moms

We released videos made from the opinions of moms. From introductions to time-saving makeup techniques for busy moms, and tips and ideas useful for raising children.

Sharing real life experiences 

Achieve in-depth communication and gain access to content with moms, such as holding online meetings once a week. 

Different package plans to solve different  problems

By expanding support with special sponsorship plans, other services, and menus linked with our own creators, we have realized not only increased recognition but also actions and recommendations, which are posted according to each customers needs.We also have a "mamatas labo" that share the opinions of moms and an online shop "mamatas STORE".

Strengths of mamatas​

Number of Instagram followers mom's media
No. 1 in Japan

Number of brands handled

Those who see at least once a week


​The total number of followers

is over 1.1 million.

Reach out to millennial moms and their families at once!


Daily necessities, food, home appliances, education,baby products, various services, etc.We provides support many companies. 

95 %

mamatas users are urban working moms who actively collect information on Instagram.60% of moms watch everyday. 

By using videos, 
300% increase in sales
of individual products

Real life opinions in videos,
high engagement

Multiple usages of videos
and live

Case Study


User Profile

The main target is young moms
who are busy with housework, childcare, and work.


Age: Instagram Audience Insight As of July 30, 2009 Occupation / Household Annual Income: mamatas Questionnaire for present applicants conducted from March 2021 to July 2021

《Early discounts》Special promotion for business 
Due date is on 17th of June

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